South Africa

Shrien Dewani
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19 Jan, 2011

Police chief says motivefor honeymoon murder mightbe revealed at Thursday’sextradition hearing

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06 Dec, 2010

Who will Zola Tongo finger? It’s one of many unanswered questions as murder hearing opens in Cape Town

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28 Nov, 2010

Murdered bride’s family pile on the pressure as husband’s reps refute complicity allegations

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27 Nov, 2010

Groom Shrien Dewani will be named as a murder suspect if he returns to South Africa, say Times sources

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15 Nov, 2010

Bristol couple carjacked in township on second day of their honeymoon

Bees Roux South African rugby player charged with murder
One-Minute Read
31 Aug, 2010

Blue Bulls Super 14 player is accused of beating a policeman to death in Pretoria

Jacob Zuma, South Africa
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27 Aug, 2010

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma furious at ‘back to apartheid’ insult

Sad South Africa fans
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21 Jun, 2010

Mark Paterson in Cape Town on the xenophobia that could be unleashed by South Africa's World Cup exit