South Korea

U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert after the attack
05 Mar, 2015

Suspect said he attacked the ambassador to protest against the annual military exercises by South Korea and the US

Heather Cho
12 Feb, 2015

Heather Cho acted like a 'beast' and turned plane round because nuts weren't served on plate

09 Feb, 2015

Paramedics called to rescue woman whose hair was eaten by household gadget as she slept

A nuclear reactor in South Korea
22 Dec, 2014

Hackers publish blueprints of nuclear power plants online, but South Korea insists it is safe from attack

North Korea defeated by South Korea
08 Oct, 2014

Sports-mad leader Kim Jong-un absent from celebrations as North Korea lauds athletes' successes while sweeping away defeats

Sewol ferry after tipping
11 Nov, 2014

Captain Lee sentenced to 36 years in prison for abandoning ship but the victims' families say it is not enough

12 Apr, 2014

South Korean president should ‘keep her disgusting mouth closed’ in order to improve relations, says Pyongyang

14 Feb, 2014

The Valentine's Day holiday of love so is much more than petrol station flowers and silent meals for two