Kim Jong Un nuclear threats

N Korea tells Seoul to draw up evacuation plans ahead of 'war'

One-Minute Read Tue 9 Apr, AT 13:06

Pyongyang issues another threat as Kim Jong-un outed as former cast member of the musical Grease

North Korea warns Britain to evacuate Pyongyang embassy

One-Minute Read Fri 5 Apr, AT 15:44

Foreign Office says invitation is 'rhetoric' but considers revising travel advice in the region

UN issues warning as North Korea readies two missiles

First Reaction Fri 5 Apr, AT 11:29

Ban Ki-moon condemns Pyongyang's threats, but will they allow US to forge closer links with China?

US moves missiles to Guam as North Korea threatens strike

First Reaction Thu 4 Apr, AT 09:18

White House responds to Pyongyang's rhetoric and the relocation of missile to striking distance of US base

North Korea blocks access to shared industrial zone

First Reaction Wed 3 Apr, AT 08:55

A day after reopening its nuclear reactor, Pyongyang bars South Korean workers from Kaesong complex

N Korea re-opens reactor that can make plutonium

First Reaction Tue 2 Apr, AT 11:44

Pyongyang says it will restart reactor that made the material used in bombs tested in 2006 and 2009

Kim Jong-un

North Korea aims missiles at US: is the threat genuine?

Talking Point Tue 26 Mar, AT 15:58

Kim Jong-Un is playing a 'dangerous game' with his latest round of sabre-rattling

North Korea proaganda film

North Korea threaten to take Americans hostage - video

Video Mon 25 Mar, AT 15:55

Propaganda video depicts an invasion of South Korea and promises to capture Americans

N Korea is prime suspect as cyber-attack cripples South

First Reaction Wed 20 Mar, AT 11:15

Suspicion falls on Pyongyang as computer networks are hit at banks and TV stations

North Korea nuclear test 'a clear threat to world peace'

First Reaction Tue 12 Feb, AT 09:10

As UN Security Council prepares for emergency meeting, the big question is whether China will lose its patience