South Korea

02 Apr, 2014

Unmanned reconnaissance aircraft is either an antique or a toy, experts say

06 Jun, 2013

Just weeks after Pyongyang's threat of pre-emptive nuclear strike on US, regime proposes closer ties

11 Jun, 2015

Thousands are quarantined in South Korea as the death toll from the Mers outbreak continues to rise

12 Apr, 2013

Top US officials downplay Pentagon report that says Pyongyang has advanced its nuclear programme

Kim Jong Un nuclear threats
09 Apr, 2013

Pyongyang issues another threat as Kim Jong-un outed as former cast member of the musical Grease

05 Apr, 2013

Foreign Office says invitation is 'rhetoric' but considers revising travel advice in the region

05 Apr, 2013

Ban Ki-moon condemns Pyongyang's threats, but will they allow US to forge closer links with China?

04 Apr, 2013

White House responds to Pyongyang's rhetoric and the relocation of missile to striking distance of US base

03 Apr, 2013

A day after reopening its nuclear reactor, Pyongyang bars South Korean workers from Kaesong complex

02 Apr, 2013

Pyongyang says it will restart reactor that made the material used in bombs tested in 2006 and 2009