South Korea

Kim Jong-un
26 Mar, 2013

Kim Jong-Un is playing a 'dangerous game' with his latest round of sabre-rattling

North Korea proaganda film
25 Mar, 2013

Propaganda video depicts an invasion of South Korea and promises to capture Americans

20 Mar, 2013

Suspicion falls on Pyongyang as computer networks are hit at banks and TV stations

12 Feb, 2013

As UN Security Council prepares for emergency meeting, the big question is whether China will lose its patience

05 Feb, 2013

‘9/11 style’ clip posted on YouTube by rogue state shows ‘the nest of wickedness’ ablaze

12 Dec, 2012

Long-range missile puts satellite into orbit, but tests could be part of nuclear programme

27 Nov, 2012

North Korean assassin sent to kill dissident in Seoul carried a deadly arsenal of 007-style gadgets

Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, f1
15 Oct, 2012

German driver will team up with Fernando Alonso when Red Bull contract ends