Southwark Crown Court

Max Clifford sentenced to 8 years

Max Clifford sentenced to eight years for indecent assaults

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Fri 2 May, AT 14:55

Judge tells publicist Max Clifford he must take responsibility for branding his victims liars

JPMorgan Bank

Ex-trader Richard Joseph gets six years for insider trading

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Tue 12 Mar, AT 13:05

How the other big case at Southwark Crown Court went down yesterday

Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce sentenced to eight months jail

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Mon 11 Mar, AT 18:12

Judge tells MP and former wife 'tragedy' of their trial and conviction is 'entirely' their fault

'Manipulative' ex-wife Vicky Pryce set out to 'nail' Huhne

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Tue 5 Feb, AT 14:01

Disgraced politician's ex-wife 'went to newspapers with the speeding ticket story after they split up'