How can planet with four suns exist? Astronomers' latest puzzle

One-Minute Read Tue 16 Oct, AT 15:14

Amateur planet hunters find new world, PH1, the first of its kind ever seen

Black holes and 'hot-dogs' uncovered by Nasa telescope

One-Minute Read Thu 30 Aug, AT 14:17

'Wise' telescope sees through veil of space dust to discover hot galaxies and supermassive black holes

Nasa delight as rover Curiosity touches down on Mars

One-Minute Read Mon 6 Aug, AT 08:54

Sophisticated lab has landed safely on the red planet and is already sending back data


Top secret US spaceplane touches down, but what has it been up to?

First Post Mon 18 Jun, AT 14:58

US Air Force's X-37B lands after a 15-month mission amid speculation that it has been spying on the Chinese space station

Transit of Venus 2004

What time is the 2012 transit of Venus and how can I see it?

Briefing Tue 5 Jun, AT 12:12

This is your last chance to see a transit of Venus for 100 years. Here’s how…

The Milky Way

Milky Way v Andromeda: what happens when galaxies collide?

One-Minute Read Fri 1 Jun, AT 15:34

Nasa confirms that our galaxy is doomed to crash into Andromeda... in just four billion years

SpaceX launch

SpaceX rocket launch gets Nasa out of a black hole

First Reaction Wed 23 May, AT 10:43

Space agency could be revitalised as private investment frees funds for further exploration