Sunday papers

Cameron and Google founders plan to mine space with robots

Sunday Papers Sun 22 Apr, AT 11:46

From the Sunday papers: from billionaires mining asteroids to latest Cowell sex claim

Huge solar storm hits Earth - and there's more to come

First Post Thu 8 Mar, AT 10:00

Spectacular Northern Lights expected - but it could be even better next week as Sun aims directly at us

Apogee of Fear movie

Nasa set to approve world's first sci-fi film shot in space

One-Minute Read Mon 23 Jan, AT 15:38

Video was made in 2008 on the International Space Station - but without permission

Triangular UFO Stereo

Nasa shoots down triangular UFO conspiracy theory

Video Thu 19 Jan, AT 14:56

Of course, if the space agency is wrong, a planet-sized spaceship is heading straight for us

Milky Way and snow

Milky Way is the colour of 'spring snow after sunrise'

One-Minute Read Thu 12 Jan, AT 14:10

Astronomers determine the precise colour of our galaxy is not milk but a fine-grained snow

US X-37B spaceplane 'is spying on Chinese space station'

First Post Thu 5 Jan, AT 15:06

At last, space expert believes he knows the true purpose of America's mysterious spacecraft

Why Kepler's discovery of two earth-sized planets is a 'shocker'

Briefing Wed 21 Dec, AT 14:07

You couldn't live on Kepler-20e or Kepler-20f, but their discovery is still important

'Earthlike' planet Kepler-22b found - but could you live there?

One-Minute Read Tue 6 Dec, AT 10:19

New planet could harbour liquid water but scientist casts doubt on whether it is habitable

Planetary system of Gliese 581

Online catalogue ranks planets on suitability for life

One-Minute Read Mon 5 Dec, AT 16:12

Habitable Exoplanets Catalogue highlights two ‘earthlike’ worlds capable of supporting life

Scientists find 'best chance of life' on Jupiter's Europa moon

One-Minute Read Fri 18 Nov, AT 07:00

Nasa eager to launch probe after study finds requirements for life are present