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Robert Gates: military cuts will end UK's global role

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Thu 16 Jan, AT 09:20

Britain can no longer be a full military partner of the United States, says former US defence secretary

Coalition cracks: is Cameron secretly happy about it?

Tue 7 Jan, AT 10:28
The Mole

Twin attacks on Tory policy by Clegg and Cable make it easier for PM to please his backbenchers

George Osborne: more cuts to come in 'year of hard truths'

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Mon 6 Jan, AT 08:40

Spending must be cut permanently in order to bring taxes down, the chancellor will say

Tony Blair: I 'regret' not making cuts before 2008 crisis

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Wed 30 Oct, AT 12:14

Former PM says UK would have been better prepared if 2005 cuts had been put into action

Osborne's £11.5bn saving plan: winners and losers

Wed 26 Jun, AT 14:00

Chancellor takes axe to government departments and welfare but promises more roads and houses

'Fiscal cliff' talks faltering as deadline approaches

Mon 31 Dec, AT 08:07

Pentagon ready to send lay-off notices to 800,000 workers if politicians cannot reach a compromise

Fiscal cliff looms for Obama

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Wed 7 Nov, AT 11:36

Asians markets rise but dollar falls following Obama's win