Depardieu offered home amid gulags to escape French tax

One-Minute Read
Mon 7 Jan, AT 09:53

Russian region of Mordovia offers French actor a choice of apartments, felt boots and two kittens


Cable and Fallon already at loggerheads over no-fault firing

Mon 10 Sep, AT 10:54
The Mole

Cable's new Tory deputy uses Today programme to show who's in the driving seat at Business

Cameraman films the Stalin statue. Photo by Liliya Lipka

Joseph Stalin - he’s back and divisive as ever

Fri 28 May, AT 08:06

One man admires Stalin’s new statue, while another recalls days of hunger and cannibalism

Book review: Stalin’s Nemesis

Fri 17 Jul, AT 13:26

Non-fiction: A fascinating insight into the Mexican exile of Leon Trotsky and the weeks leading up to his murder by a Stalinist agent