Star Wars

06 Feb, 2014

Black Angel will be shown for the first time in over 30 years at the Glasgow Film Festival

21 Jun, 2013

Russell Brand tells off TV hosts, James Gandolfini is remembered on Sesame Street, and Ron Burgundy returns

17 Jun, 2013

Two jokesters use the Force to control lift doors in 'black magic trick' at King's College, London

05 Jun, 2013

New tops are a tribute to the 1980s, but fans are unimpressed as jokes abound on Twitter

Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker Star Wars
22 Feb, 2013

Original cast in talks to return for seventh film – but fans ask if franchise is turning into 'Geriatric Wars'

07 Feb, 2013

Make-up artist who created Yoda, Chewbacca and Stanley Kubrick's apes has died at the age of 98

06 Feb, 2013

Disney, the new owner of LucasFilms, confirms series of 'stand-alone' Star Wars movies

31 Oct, 2012

Lucasfilm sale upsets fans but critics can see the plus side of a Star Wars without George Lucas

Spartacus Chetwynd Turner Prize 2012 nominee
01 May, 2012

Star Wars re-enactment artist Spartacus Chetwynd nominated for ever-surprising art award