In Depth
15 May, 2015

Espresso too bitter for you? Try a cold-brew coffee, which is said to be sweeter and smoother

29 Nov, 2013

Starbucks insists on taking your name when you order a coffee... but what happens if the name is Spartacus?

Ian Livingston of BT
One-Minute Read
26 Jul, 2013

Ian Livingston attacked Margaret Hodge's committee after BT was accused of 'blackmailing the public'

24 Jun, 2013

Coffee chain makes £5m payment to Revenue in an effort to placate unimpressed customers

One-Minute Read
28 May, 2013

Critics say Dave Hartnett's 'dodgy' move from HMRC to accountancy giants 'takes the biscuit'

One-Minute Read
25 Apr, 2013

'We are simply seeking a level playing field', say spokespeople for US coffee chain

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19 Feb, 2013

Firms are 'running rings around' the taxman in schemes costing UK £5bn a year

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28 Jan, 2013

Ernst & Young partner tells Cameron it's a company's duty to investors to pay the lowest tax possible

One-Minute Read
27 Jan, 2013

Lattes at dawn: coffee multinational says it may spike £100m investment after PM slams tax avoidance

25 Jan, 2013

Executives say the PM's pledge to get 'cowboy firms' to pay more tax will hurt economic recovery