Stephen Fry

BBC 'needs more gay hosts and less homophobia'

One-Minute Read Fri 14 Dec, AT 14:25

Study produced for BBC says drama, news and even children's TV needs more homosexual content

Mark Rylance and Stephen Fry make Globe transfer a hit

Hot Ticket Tue 20 Nov, AT 07:26

Rylance's glorious star turn in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and Richard III make for a sublime double bill

Stars come out for Danny Baker after BBC axes radio show

One-Minute Read Fri 2 Nov, AT 10:41

Celebrities take to Twitter to slam the BBC for its 'flabbergasting' decision to axe Treehouse show

Rowan Atkinson and Fry back campaign to make insults legal

Talking Point Thu 18 Oct, AT 10:36

Is there anybody who doesn't support campaign to drop Section 5, which makes it an offence to insult somebody?

Stephen Fry

Critics hail Stephen Fry's return to the stage in Twelfth Night

First Reaction Mon 1 Oct, AT 14:50

Seventeen years after fleeing to Belgium because of a bad theatre review, Fry's return as Malvolio is lauded

West End salutes Olympics in Taking Part and After the Party

Hot Ticket Thu 2 Aug, AT 07:45

Criterion Theatre and Stephen Fry get into Olympic spirit with two-week season of drama and comedy


Twitter joke case finally over as Paul Chambers is acquitted

First Reaction Fri 27 Jul, AT 14:56

Twitter rejoices as judge decides there was nothing menacing about 'threat' to blow up airport


Stephen Fry turns out for Twitter Joke Trial appeal

One-Minute Read Wed 27 Jun, AT 15:25

Paul Chambers, who jokes about blowing up a snowbound airport, gets celebrity backing at High Court

Graham Linehan

'They're fans - not internet pirates,' says Graham Linehan

One-Minute Read Mon 28 May, AT 10:35

Father Ted creator says illegal downloaders shouldn't be demonised for 'wanting to get content as soon as they can'

Christopher Hitchens

Orwell shock: no posthumous prize for Christopher Hitchens

First Post Wed 25 Apr, AT 10:28

Friends had expected his last book, Arguably, to be a shoo-in for the political writing award