Stephen Fry

Graham Linehan

'They're fans - not internet pirates,' says Graham Linehan

One-Minute Read
Mon 28 May, AT 10:35

Father Ted creator says illegal downloaders shouldn't be demonised for 'wanting to get content as soon as they can'

Christopher Hitchens

Orwell shock: no posthumous prize for Christopher Hitchens

First Post
Wed 25 Apr, AT 10:28

Friends had expected his last book, Arguably, to be a shoo-in for the political writing award

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry backs plan to save Hobbit pub from Middle-earth

One-Minute Read
Wed 14 Mar, AT 13:09

Actor accuses Hobbit rights owner of bullying in row over Southampton pub's name

Stephen Fry caught out Tony Blair back in 1998

One-Minute Read
Mon 30 Jan, AT 13:32

Fry 'fell out of love' with Blair when the PM tweaked a joke he had written for a speech

Stephen Fry tweets as Qantas jetliner runs into trouble

One-Minute Read
Fri 4 Nov, AT 08:14

Actor sends updates after plane forced to land in Dubai after a mid-air oil leak

Stephen Fry

‘I might kill myself’ admits Stephen Fry

Thu 2 Jun, AT 17:06

Bipolar comedian says being famous is ‘exhausting’ and he hasn’t read a paper since the 1990s

Angry hamster takes on two men - and wins

Wed 12 Jan, AT 14:03

Video: Furious Russian rodent shows off its fighting skills

The First Post Awards

Presenting: The First Post People of the Year awards

Thu 23 Dec, AT 14:56

What links Julian Assange, Vince Cable and Lady Gaga? They're all winners of the coveted First Post awards

Paul Chambers

Twitter joke trial goes to High Court

Tue 23 Nov, AT 09:57

Matrix lawyer to lead Paul Chambers’s appeal against ‘menace’ conviction