Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry and Twitter
01 Nov, 2010

Fry says ‘Bye Bye’ after ‘misquoted’ article turns him into the ‘antichrist’

Stephen Fry and Twitter
31 Oct, 2010

Fry tweets illicit pictures of Harry Potter set and says women don’t like sex

20 Oct, 2010

A video of Stephen Fry in raptures about Wagner has become an internet sensation

Dawkins fry disco
15 Sep, 2010

Fry, Dawkins and Pullman among more than 50 people to oppose visit in letter to Guardian

Stephen Fry; iPad; Apple
14 Sep, 2010

Fry’s memoir is released as an app - and gets an instant Apple content warning

Stephen Fry
07 Sep, 2010

Corporation risks becoming ‘incredibly bland’ as BBC executives run scared in wake of Ross-Brand scandal

Sam Taylor Wood; Aaron Johnson
02 Nov, 2009

The First Post’s super-quick catch-up on the post-weekend talking points

Stephen Fry and Twitter
02 Nov, 2009

Comedian threw in the towel after being told his tweets were getting boring

Stephen Gately; Andy Cowles
23 Oct, 2009

‘I still maintain that to die on the sofa while your partner is sleeping with someone else is, indeed, sleazy’

Stephen Fry and Twitter
20 Oct, 2009

In Stephen Fry’s hands, Twitter has become an authoritarian tool to police thought crimes