Sam Taylor Wood; Aaron Johnson

10 things you need to know this Monday

News Mon 2 Nov, AT 17:37

The First Post’s super-quick catch-up on the post-weekend talking points

Stephen Fry and Twitter

Stephen Fry abandons Twitter but soon returns

News Mon 2 Nov, AT 06:00

Comedian threw in the towel after being told his tweets were getting boring

Stephen Gately; Andy Cowles

Moir sorry for Gately piece but defends the ‘S’ word

News Fri 23 Oct, AT 19:06

‘I still maintain that to die on the sofa while your partner is sleeping with someone else is, indeed, sleazy’

Stephen Fry and Twitter

Fry’s ‘twitch-hunt’ of Moir sets press freedom back

News Tue 20 Oct, AT 18:11

In Stephen Fry’s hands, Twitter has become an authoritarian tool to police thought crimes

Stephen Fry and Twitter

Fry defends Twitter but fears his ‘tribune’ status

News Tue 20 Oct, AT 17:21

While liberal spirits dominate the site, all is well. What happens when the enemy join in?

Stephen Gately

Mail columnist throws a shadow over Gately funeral

News Mon 19 Oct, AT 18:24

21,000 complaints received by PCC after Stephen Fry leads internet assault on ‘repulsive nobody’ Jan Moir