Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry and Twitter
20 Oct, 2009

In Stephen Fry’s hands, Twitter has become an authoritarian tool to police thought crimes

Stephen Fry and Twitter
20 Oct, 2009

While liberal spirits dominate the site, all is well. What happens when the enemy join in?

Stephen Gately
19 Oct, 2009

21,000 complaints received by PCC after Stephen Fry leads internet assault on ‘repulsive nobody’ Jan Moir

13 Oct, 2009

Stephen Fry and friends helped to destroy the injunction against the Guardian

07 Oct, 2009

Backlash at Cameron’s backing for ‘homophobic’ Polish nationalist

Gordon Brown; Alan Turing
11 Sep, 2009

The campaign for a posthumous apology for late gay scientist was led by – among others – Stephen Fry on Twitter

Nobu restauranteur Nobuyuki Matsuhisa
05 Jun, 2009

A protest letter organised in London threatens a boycott of the worldwide chain