Stephen Lawrence

28 Jul, 2015

Probe launched following claims that undercover police infiltrated the family of murdered teen Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence murder
10 Apr, 2015

Complaint made in relation to Lord Stevens' role as deputy commissioner during Macpherson Inquiry

Stephen Lawrence murder
16 Jul, 2014

Former officer Clive Driscoll says some senior officers never wanted a successful prosecution

01 Apr, 2014

HMIC report backs up public evidence: the more we meet the police, the less we trust them

Stephen Lawrence
07 Mar, 2014

Home Secretary launches inquiry into undercover policing following 'profoundly shocking' report

07 Mar, 2014

It’s not just undercover culture that needs investigating – but the sheer size of the overblown Met

01 Aug, 2013

Funny how they waited until the MPs had gone on holiday before announcing the new list of peers

31 Jul, 2013

Mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence to become a baroness 20 years after his death

26 Jun, 2013

Neither Duwayne Brooks or his lawyers knew they were being recorded in meetings with police

Stephen Lawrence
24 Jun, 2013

Officer says he was under 'constant pressure' to get evidence discrediting murdered youth and his friend