Steve Coogan

The Trip to Italy

The Trip to Italy: Brydon and Coogan ride again

Fri 4 Apr, AT 22:35
Holden Frith

It has all the ingredients of the excellent first series, but something's amiss on The Trip to Italy

Philomena - reviews of Stephen Frears Bafta contender

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Fri 1 Nov, AT 07:49

Judi Dench and Steve Coogan star in funny, profound real-life drama tipped for Baftas and Oscars

What Maisie Knew: 'moving' update of Henry James classic

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Fri 23 Aug, AT 08:07

Heartbreaking adaptation stars Julianne Moore, Steve Coogan and newcomer Onata Aprile

Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge in Alpha Papa

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa - an audacious triumph for Coogan

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Wed 7 Aug, AT 08:15

Critics call film debut of Steve Coogan's hapless talk show host a masterclass in comedy

Steve Coogan

Alan Partridge Alpha Papa film trailer released – is it funny?

Thu 13 Jun, AT 12:20

Mixed reviews as promo for Steve Coogan's hostage drama starring Norfolk DJ comes out - video

Ah-ha! Steve Coogan can't escape Partridge's shadow

First Reaction
Wed 17 Apr, AT 10:15

He plays a porn king in 'The Look of Love' but a certain Radio Norwich DJ comes back to haunt him

Steve Coogan shines as Soho porn king Paul Raymond

First Reaction
Mon 21 Jan, AT 12:01

Sundance Film Festival: Coogan gives Alan Partridge the slip to play King of Soho in 'The Look of Love'


Press victims could stand in next election against Leveson deniers

Tue 4 Dec, AT 09:58
The Mole

Charlotte Church and Gerry McCann mooted as candidates to stand against Cameron, Gove & Co

'Despicable politics': PM has betrayed us, say press victims

First Reaction
Fri 30 Nov, AT 10:46

Steve Coogan, Hugh Grant and Gerry McCann on the attack over crucial need for statutory underpinning