Steven Soderbergh

07 Jun, 2013

Michael Douglas gives one of his best performances: shame he won't be able to compete for an Oscar

22 May, 2013

Critics hail veteran star's camp, tacky turn in 'Behind the Candelabra' as landmark role

09 Apr, 2013

A trailer for Behind the Candelabra - the movie that was 'too gay' for Hollywood - has been released

08 Mar, 2013

Rooney Mara and Jude Law star in Hitchcock-style tale of prescription drugs gone wrong

One-Minute Read
07 Jan, 2013

Studios refused to fund Behind the Candelabra starring Matt Damon and Michael Douglas

13 Jul, 2012

Soderbergh's enjoyable male stripper romp is more than ab-deep, but will there be a 3D version?

MAgic Mike
05 Jul, 2012

A potty-mouthed bear and some bare-it-all beefcake actors have taken Hollywood by surprise

21 Oct, 2011

It may have big names but the super-bug is the real star in Soderbergh's chilling global disease thriller