09 Jul, 2013

Curtail ECHR's role in the UK says minister after court ruling challenges whole-life sentences

31 May, 2013

Tory MEP aims to persuade the EU to abandon the costly 'Strasbourg circus'. Shame, says Nigel Horne

12 May, 2006

As another trek to Strasbourg begins, Nigel Horne reports on a petition to halt the monthly ritual

26 Apr, 2006

Dan Hannan, one of the 732 MEPs who must go to Alsace every month, proposes a solution

28 Nov, 2012

A new campaign aims to stop costly monthly ritual whereby 754 MEPs and staff decamp from Brussels

25 May, 2012

Opinion digest: the Green's GM problem, prisoner voting, and America's attack on privacy

Visions of Ecstasy
02 Apr, 2012

Visions of Ecstasy, only film ever banned on blasphemy grounds, finally released – but why in Holy Week, asks MP

Nicolas Bratza
25 Jan, 2012

Reforming the European Court of Human Rights is one thing – but threatening to leave it is alarming