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Actor and comedian Robin Williams

Has Barry Norman jumped gun in knocking Robin Williams?

Talking Point
Wed 20 Aug, AT 12:14

Veteran film critic raises eyebrows by attacking star's 'saccharine tooth-rotting sentimentality'

Actor and comedian Robin Williams

Robin Williams: cause of death fails to provide all the answers

Talking Point
Wed 13 Aug, AT 13:05

Police confirm suicide but 'none of us will ever know' what was going through Williams's head

Robin Williams: five quirky facts about the 'comic genius'

Tue 12 Aug, AT 09:22

Actor and comedian Robin Williams found dead yesterday at the age of 63 in an apparent suicide

Alex Hollinghurst

How a Florida teenage romance ended in a violent suicide pact

Thu 27 Mar, AT 10:21
Coline Covington

Brandon Goode and Alex Hollinghurst shared a hatred of their mothers – and have left their families in torment

Two suicides, two women who felt let down by justice

Tue 4 Feb, AT 11:42

Tracy Shelvey and Anne-Marie Ellement had both claimed they were raped and saw the men go free

Teenage ballerina's suicide blamed on 'toxic digital world'

One-Minute Read
Thu 23 Jan, AT 09:11

Tallulah Wilson, 15, was obsessed with blogs where young people share images of self-inflicted injuries

Jiah Khan hanged herself after call from boyfriend, say reports

First Reaction
Wed 5 Jun, AT 10:30

Post-mortem confirms suicide as actresses's mother says Bollywood had 'nothing to offer' her daughter

Think same-sex marriage is divisive in UK? Look at France

First Post
Thu 23 May, AT 12:02

Tensions heighten after suicide of far-right historian Dominique Venner at altar of Notre Dame cathedral

Saldanha 'troubled' before she took call from radio station

One-Minute Read
Sun 16 Dec, AT 15:14

Nurse's letter blames DJs for her death, but was she already in dispute with hospital?

Suicide teen Amanda Todd: Anonymous 'reveals stalker’

One-Minute Read
Tue 16 Oct, AT 14:19

Fifteen-year-old killed herself after online bully sent nude images of her to 'everyone’ she knew