The Sun

Will The Sun's split verdict make any difference to the election?

Talking Point
Thu 30 Apr, AT 11:36

The Sun has got two hats on, but expert says no newspaper can claim it 'won it' for any government

Jack Grealish: from zero to hero to 'hall of shame' in five days

First Post
Thu 23 Apr, AT 13:23

Aston Villa midfielder's rollercoaster week sums up modern football and the media

Black hole

Black hole 'is 12 billion times size of the sun'

One-Minute Read
Thu 26 Feb, AT 12:20

'Super-supermassive' black hole was formed early on in history of universe, leaving scientists puzzled

Page 3 of The Sun newspaper

Page 3: topless models make a rapid return to The Sun

One-Minute Read
Thu 22 Jan, AT 12:04

'The fight is back on' say campaigners who had previously celebrated the end of the 'sexist' feature

The Sun newspaper

The Sun had 'Wild West' safe full of 'explosive' scandals

One-Minute Read
Thu 27 Nov, AT 11:22

'Eye-popping' reports, pictures and videos kept in 7ft-high safe, reveals former deputy news editor

Katie Price

Is this the end of topless models on Page 3?

First Reaction
Fri 12 Sep, AT 10:31

Campaigners celebrate as Murdoch says it's 'old fashioned'– but editors say readers still want it


Rebekah Brooks trial clashes with press regs announcement

Tue 15 Oct, AT 11:40
The Mole

'Everyone innocent until proven guilty' says Murdoch; try telling that to Chris Jeffries, say detractors

The Sun

The Sun drops Page 3 - but only in Ireland, not the UK

First Post
Thu 8 Aug, AT 15:11

Dublin editor Paul Clarkson cites 'cultural differences' as topless pictures get spiked

Jeremy Forrest: girl wants to marry him, have children

One-Minute Read
Mon 1 Jul, AT 13:24

Teenager abducted by maths teacher says they were only caught because she was jealous of bar manager

Tory MP and wife asked lesbian housekeeper for a threesome

One-Minute Read
Tue 4 Jun, AT 10:29

Housekeeper tells tribunal she was sacked after couple 'made a move' on her in their living room