The Sun

Greenland sunset

Sunrise arrives two days early in Greenland

Fri 14 Jan, AT 13:44

Global warming blamed for melting the horizon as sun comes up 48 hours too soon

Solar flare on the sun

Earth braced for ‘solar tsunami’ after eruptions

Tue 3 Aug, AT 15:40

Two huge explosions on the sun have sent clouds of charged particles to earth

Spectacular video of the sun from new Nasa probe

Thu 22 Apr, AT 13:33

Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory could explain why solar flares cause power blackouts on Earth

Barry George

Why two papers had to pay damages to Barry George

Wed 16 Dec, AT 12:32

Murdoch papers claimed man cleared of Jill Dando murder was stalking other women

‘Unethical’ Sun has harmed Tories, says Zac Goldsmith

Wed 2 Dec, AT 09:23
The Mole

The Mole: Is Zac working for the other side? Or is he actually right?

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch: it’s all business in the end

Thu 12 Nov, AT 17:19

Murdoch has always claimed his editors are free to make up their own minds. Oh yes?

Lord Mandelson; Business Secretary; Labour

Mandelson attacks Sun’s ‘contract’ with the Tories

Wed 11 Nov, AT 10:49

Lord Mandelson alleges that Rupert Murdoch has forged a deal with David Cameron ahead of general election

Rupert Murdoch

Angry mum takes on PM Brown – thanks to the Sun

Tue 10 Nov, AT 10:30
The Mole

The Mole: Murdoch tabloid unveils first cause celebre in its election campaign

Rupert Murdoch

Murdoch papers to charge for online news

Thu 6 Aug, AT 10:09

Rupert Murdoch announces a radical rethink, saying quality journalism cannot be given away