The Sun

04 Apr, 2013

Former Sun editor unveiled as new online columnist... and heaps praise on Murdoch

27 Mar, 2013

Free online journalism is 'untenable' say newspapers as they plan to charge web readers

01 Mar, 2013

Just weeks after splitting with the 1D singer, Swift bonds with UK music's favourite ginger troubadour

15 Feb, 2013

John Prescott urges tabloid readers to complain about treatment of Pistorius murder story

The Sun - Page Three
11 Feb, 2013

After generations of women have argued fruitlessly for its removal, media mogul hints at change of heart

30 Nov, 2012

Ex-editor denounces misguided missile, while one investigative reporter says there's nothing to fear

28 Nov, 2012

Walsh 'entirely innocent' of false claim that he sexually assaulted man in Dublin nightclub

20 Nov, 2012

Former NotW editors among five people to be charged as result of Operation Elveden

25 Oct, 2012

Tabloid tales: Pattinson knocks nickname; Jennifer Aniston is 'turned on by' Fifty Shades of Grey

Kelvin MacKenzie
26 Sep, 2012

Incredulity as former Sun editor calls in lawyers over 'personal vilification' on Merseyside