The Sun

Rebekah Brooks
14 Jun, 2012

'We're in this together' says Brooks in cringe inducing message suggesting 'country supper'

14 Jun, 2012

Red top tales: Prankster claimed Kanye West posted naked picture of KK, sex chamber mistaken for crime scene

Samir Nasri
12 Jun, 2012

French midfielder causes a stir after telling someone to 'shut your gob' after scoring against England

Tony Blair at Leveson Inquiry
28 May, 2012

Former PM says once Paul Dacre's paper is against you it is a 'lifetime commitment'

Madeleine McCann
15 May, 2012

TV medium says a spirit came to him a week after Madeleine McCann was abducted and said toddler was dead

Rebekah Brooks
14 May, 2012

Rebekah Brooks's bravura performance must leave Leveson in little doubt of the media's 'power without responsibility'

10 May, 2012

Andy Coulson got Cameron job ahead of Boris Johnson's Tory spin doctor Guto Harri, who is moving to News International

09 May, 2012

The Queen's Speech is but a distraction from claims that PM texted former Murdoch exec before she quit

Roy Hodgson, The Sun
03 May, 2012

Was Sun coverage of the England manager’s first press conference disrespectful?