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Charlotte Church

Church's phone-hack payout helps spare Murdoch's blushes

One-Minute Read
Thu 23 Feb, AT 15:37

Singer agrees to out-of-court settlement as NI escapes embarrassing court case

Rupert Murdoch

Will Murdoch boost morale and launch the Sun on Sunday?

Media Watch
Fri 17 Feb, AT 09:41

Options include starting a new Sunday – or pleasing News Corp shareholders by selling up in the UK

The Sun

Sun journalists show sudden interest in human rights

Thu 16 Feb, AT 10:26

As Met looks into claims that public officials were on £10k a year for tip-offs, journalists seek redress

Top QC attacks surrender of Sun sources' names to police

First Post
Wed 15 Feb, AT 10:46

Murdoch empire 'civil war' spills into The Times as cooperation with police is questioned

Sun journo arrests: too much moaning at 'noble' tabloid

Talking Point
Tue 14 Feb, AT 12:39

On the other hand, if journalists have to rely solely on official police sources, papers will be very thin