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The Sun

Sun journalists show sudden interest in human rights

Thu 16 Feb, AT 10:26

As Met looks into claims that public officials were on £10k a year for tip-offs, journalists seek redress

Top QC attacks surrender of Sun sources' names to police

First Post
Wed 15 Feb, AT 10:46

Murdoch empire 'civil war' spills into The Times as cooperation with police is questioned

Sun journo arrests: too much moaning at 'noble' tabloid

Talking Point
Tue 14 Feb, AT 12:39

On the other hand, if journalists have to rely solely on official police sources, papers will be very thin


What to do about Rupert? Sun crisis threatens coalition split

Mon 13 Feb, AT 10:37
The Mole

Senior Lib Dems believe Murdoch's right to broadcast needs revisiting in light of arrests

Rupert Murdoch

'Civil war' as Sun journalists turn on Rupert Murdoch

Media Watch
Mon 13 Feb, AT 10:17

News Corp boss flies into London facing 'bigger crisis' than News of the World scandal

Rupert Murdoch v Google

Murdoch to jet in for crisis talks over Sun arrests

First Post
Sun 12 Feb, AT 12:42

News Corp boss says paper will continue - but US investigation threatens global empire

'Healthy girls' of Page Three: Sun editor's claim ridiculed

Media Watch
Thu 9 Feb, AT 10:02

Dominic Mohan's defence of Page Three girls as 'healthy role models for women' is laughable

The Sun - Page Three

Is this the beginning of the end of the Page Three girl?

Media Watch
Fri 3 Feb, AT 10:49

As The Sun's editor is recalled by Leveson, women's groups hope this could be a watershed moment

Kelvin MacKenzie

Guardian gets Pulitzers, Sun gets jail, claims MacKenzie

One-Minute Read
Mon 9 Jan, AT 13:14

Former Sun editor attacks Anne Diamond and The Guardian at Leveson inquiry

MacKenzie admits regrets over Sun’s Hillsborough coverage

First Post
Thu 8 Dec, AT 15:55

But former editor still refuses to apologise after another row with Labour MP Chris Bryant