Super bowl


Why did Prince cancel his Super Bowl gig?

Sun 6 Feb, AT 15:12

Confusion surrounds Dallas no-show as the Purple One cuts $1,500-a-ticket gig

Drew Brees

Hurricane Brees and the fairy tale Super Bowl

Mon 8 Feb, AT 10:21

How Drew Brees, unwanted quarterback, came to give New Orleans hope again

A 'sex offender' flyer aimed at Pete Townshend ahead of his Super Bowl performance

Pete Townshend faces sex offender leaflet campaign

Fri 29 Jan, AT 11:13

Child abuse group distributes flyer aimed at banning The Who guitarist from playing at Super Bowl XLIV

New Orleans Saints

Saints and Colts win through to the Superbowl

Mon 25 Jan, AT 10:08

New Orleans Saints win their first conference championship four years after Katrina

Pete Townshend

Child abuse groups: Ban Townshend Super Bowl gig

Thu 24 Dec, AT 11:29

As a victim of child sex abuse himself, will campaign to ban The Who guitarist take off?

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake perform at the 2004 Super Bowl

Janet Jackson’s breast makes a reappearance

Tue 5 May, AT 09:21

Singer’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at the 2004 Super Bowl exercises America’s highest court