Putin heads off to watch military exercises
In Depth
30 Apr, 2015

As the Finnish navy fires warning shots at suspected Russian submarine, Putin's neighbours appear to be banding together for protection

Swedish police
One-Minute Read
19 Mar, 2015

Gunman opened fire with an automatic weapon while crowds watched football in suspected gang attack

Julian Assange
One-Minute Read
13 Mar, 2015

Swedish prosecutors ready to question Wikileaks founder about sex assault allegations in London

Swedish Foreign minister Margot Wallström
One-Minute Read
11 Mar, 2015

Saudi ambassador recalled and arms deal cancelled after female MP is banned from talking at event

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08 Aug, 2014

Man's body led Swedish police to suspect steroid use, despite court ruling that muscles alone are not grounds for arrest

Ghader Ghalamere with his son
One-Minute Read
15 Apr, 2014

Temporary reprieve for Ghader Ghalamere after his family's last-minute departure lounge appeal

Cristiano Ronaldo
20 Nov, 2013

Amazing hat-trick earns Portugal a place in Brazil and should see Ronaldo crowned the greatest

14 Nov, 2013

The fate of two stars overshadows play-off as Portugal and Sweden prepare for showdown

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21 Oct, 2013

England dodge a bullet as Ukraine - runners up in Group H - are drawn against France

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29 Nov, 2012

Ecuador reveals effects of Julian Assange's isolation, but he still faces arrest if he goes to hospital