Julian Assange

Can Julian Assange win his Supreme Court extradition case?

Briefing Wed 1 Feb, AT 08:40

If judges find in favour of the WikiLeaks boss, any other extraditions to Europe would be difficult

Julian Assange extradition

Julian Assange extradition approved by judge

One-Minute Read Thu 24 Feb, AT 15:04

WikiLeaks boss will appeal, but judge says sexual misconduct accusations are extraditable

Julian Assange

How Assange’s acolytes came to see the truth

Mon 21 Feb, AT 14:07 Michael Bywater

Michael Bywater joins The First Post with a tale of betrayal, gamma rays and Spam (the meaty kind)

julian assange extradition trial

Assange extradition trial: key defence arguments

Summary Tue 8 Feb, AT 14:04

WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange, accused of sexual abuse in Sweden,is fighting extradition

Julian Assange in a prison van

Julian Assange granted bail after British ban fails

News Thu 16 Dec, AT 13:47

WikiLeaks man prepares to walk free after Swedes say: ‘We have no view on bail’