Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly
One-Minute Read
14 Dec, 2010

‘Luton story’ appears to support US claims about unchecked Muslim extremism in Britain

One-Minute Read
12 Dec, 2010

Police are investigating after an apparent suicide bombing killed one man

Immigrants in Malmo, Sweden
One-Minute Read
22 Oct, 2010

A racist gunman has shot eight men and killed one woman in the past year

Sofia Hellqvist, Crown Prince Carl Philip of Sweden
One-Minute Read
09 Apr, 2010

Prince Carl Philip’s romance with model Sofia Hellqvist is just the latest Nordic royal surprise

Grand Hotel Stockholm
One-Minute Read
18 Dec, 2009

Opulent and majestic Stockholm hotel that lives up to its name

British banks bail-out
One-Minute Read
28 Oct, 2009

It worked in Sweden, where it cost the taxpayer nothing, and it can work in Britain too

Stieg Larsson
One-Minute Read
30 Sep, 2009

The speech given by his partner Eva Gabrielsson to the Observatorio contra la Violencia Domestica y de Genero