Oaxen Krog, Sweden
One-Minute Read
09 Sep, 2009

Hotel of the week: stay in boats and revisit the 1930s, an hour south of Stockholm

Lydmar hotel, Stockholm
One-Minute Read
04 Jun, 2009

Chic yet homely, the Lydmar showcases the best of Stockholm itself - a perfect marriage between sleek, modernist design and classic elegance

Royal Palace Stockholm
One-Minute Read
12 May, 2009

The Swedish capital’s surprisingly sensual architectural legacy from its period as a ‘Great Power’ in the 17th century

One-Minute Read
04 Mar, 2009

Swedish ski resorts get stylish

One-Minute Read
04 Feb, 2009

Rooms at the end of the runway

One-Minute Read
07 Jan, 2009

The Aurora Borealis

One-Minute Read
23 Oct, 2008

Sweden's lobster season