Egyptian president annoys US, Iran and Syria at summit

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Mohamed Morsi supports Syrian rebels, but his presence in Tehran is also likely to anger the US

George Galloway paid £80k for joining 'pro-Syria' TV channel

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Bradford West MP presents fortnightly show for al-Mayadeen, allegedly funded by Syria and Iran

UK Harvard star Niall Ferguson accused of intellectual fraud

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Does historian have the moral authority to continue at Harvard, asks one economics professor

Russia hits back at Obama’s warning on Syrian WMDs

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Foreign minister Lavrov warns US against military intervention after Obama’s ‘red line’ comments


Ignore the politics of doom: the world's in Olympic shape

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Opinion digest: global progress, Syrian regime change and British multiculturalism

Syria debacle: was Kofi Annan ever the right man for the job?

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Annan accuses UN of finger-pointing as he quits Syria peace role - but what about his own weaknesses?

Putin meets Cameron: 5 issues that should be on the agenda

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The PM and the Russian president have Syria and human rights to discuss, as well as judo chokeholds


Pussy Riot trial is a turning point for Putin's Russia

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Opinion digest: Pussy Riot trial, Twitter censorship, helping Syria and the price of Olympic gold