Rebels bomb Syria army HQ in new blow to heart of Assad regime

One-Minute Read Wed 26 Sep, AT 14:50

Twin bombing comes just days after Free Syrian Army moved command centre from Turkey to Syria


Aleppo blast: regime and rebels ratchet up the information war

First Post Mon 10 Sep, AT 17:32

Free Syrian Army claim responsibility for bomb attack that targeted regime soldiers stationed in hospital

Crispin Black

Why NHS doctor fighting jihad in Syria won't be prosecuted

Fri 31 Aug, AT 07:34 Crispin Black

South London doctor in militant Syrian gang could easily be identified, but history suggests nothing will be done

Egyptian president annoys US, Iran and Syria at summit

First Reaction Thu 30 Aug, AT 15:11

Mohamed Morsi supports Syrian rebels, but his presence in Tehran is also likely to anger the US

George Galloway paid £80k for joining 'pro-Syria' TV channel

One-Minute Read Tue 28 Aug, AT 14:49

Bradford West MP presents fortnightly show for al-Mayadeen, allegedly funded by Syria and Iran

UK Harvard star Niall Ferguson accused of intellectual fraud

First Post Wed 22 Aug, AT 09:23

Does historian have the moral authority to continue at Harvard, asks one economics professor

Russia hits back at Obama’s warning on Syrian WMDs

First Reaction Tue 21 Aug, AT 16:11

Foreign minister Lavrov warns US against military intervention after Obama’s ‘red line’ comments