Bashar al-Assad

Syria rebels kill brother of Parliamentary Speaker

One-Minute Read
Tue 6 Nov, AT 14:51

Meanwhile, David Cameron says he would give Assad free passage out of Syria if it would end the bloodshed

US wants new Syrian opposition to replace SNC

First Reaction
Thu 1 Nov, AT 15:19

Syrian National Council is a joke among ordinary Syrians, so US is hoping to found a more effective opposition

Biden wins VP debate - but did he go too far in bullying Ryan?

Talking Point
Fri 12 Oct, AT 09:31

Some observers found Joe Biden too disrespectful but at least there was 'real substance', says NYT

Syria and Turkey 'close to war’ after 'air piracy’ incident

First Reaction
Thu 11 Oct, AT 12:30

Neighbours thought to be sliding towards war after Turkey intercepts plane carrying 'illegal cargo’

Heathrow arrests: are Islamists training in Syria for attacks in UK?

Wed 10 Oct, AT 13:17
Robert Fox

Terror arrests reflect a new mood of apprehension over the fallout from the Arab Spring


Are Americans now thinking they’d prefer a beer with Romney?

Opinion digest
Fri 5 Oct, AT 11:35

Opinion digest: Obama and Romney’s beer and burger competition, plus Turkish-Syrian relations