Syrian actor covered in snow
12 Jan, 2015

Young Syrian actor challenges president to brave the cold with country's suffering refugees

14 Oct, 2014

Extent of Turkey's commitment to the fight will 'hang in the background' at session in Washington

Fighter of the Kurdish of the Kurdish Women's Defense Units
07 Oct, 2014

All-female militia is protecting the Kurdish population from militants – as well as challenging gender roles

Pentagon image on US strikes in Syria
24 Sep, 2014

US launches attacks on Islamic State without UN mandate or consent from the Syrian regime

Islamic Jihadists in training
09 Sep, 2014

From Croation pistols to American semi-automatic rifles, Islamic State has no shortage of weapons

The Mole
05 Sep, 2014

William Hague makes it clear that prior approval from Parliament would not be necessary

The jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
05 Sep, 2014

Follow these people on Twitter to sort through the deluge of information – and misinformation – on Islamic State

Robert Fox
22 Aug, 2014

And why the PM must accept that destroying the Sunni fanatics will necessitate 'boots on the ground'

The Mole
22 Aug, 2014

House arrest measures needed, says Carlile, and Clegg 'was wrong to block snooper's charter'

The Mole
20 Aug, 2014

Cameron appears to agree with John Humphrys that his holiday was 'unseemly' after beheading