The Mole
20 Aug, 2014

Cameron appears to agree with John Humphrys that his holiday was 'unseemly' after beheading

Syrian rebels take cover behind a barricade in Aleppo
14 Aug, 2014

Islamic State militants and Assad's forces encircle Aleppo in what could be tipping point of civil war

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is set to become Turkey's first directly elected president
11 Aug, 2014

Promising a 'new Turkey', the former prime minister is yet to silence his critics after over a decade in power

Crispin Black
11 Aug, 2014

We took in the Ugandan Asians in 1972 – today we must offer safety to Christians and Yazidis

An armed officer patrols Heathrow Airport
09 Jul, 2014

Passengers face more stringent mobile phone checks at airports amid fears of an al-Qaeda plot

An Albania wearing a gas mask in protest of a plan to dispose of Syria's chemical weapons in Albania
09 Jul, 2014

Foreign Office document shows British companies sold Syria ingredients for sarin in 1980s

President Barack Obama
27 Jun, 2014

White House searches for effective alternatives to jihadist army active in Syria and Iraq

Crispin Black
17 Jun, 2014

If Isis, from a standing start, can threaten Baghdad in a few days, then nothing is safe

The Mole
13 Jun, 2014

Government under pressure to do something about British jihadists joining Islamist takeover campaign

Syrian activists splash paint on President Assad's election posters
03 Jun, 2014

Main opposition boycotts election, describing it as 'theatre written with the blood of Syrians'