Syria: scramble to evacuate Homs as ceasefire is extended

One-Minute Read Wed 12 Feb, AT 09:55

Warring sides in Syria blame one another for an escalation in violence that has killed hundreds in recent days

Crispin Black

Britain inundated – by dismal decisions from the top brass

Wed 12 Feb, AT 09:30 Crispin Black

From the Somerset Levels to Syria, poor leadership is wearing the public patience thin

Syrian peace talks resume in Geneva as hundreds escape Homs

Briefing Mon 10 Feb, AT 12:51

Ceasefire set to continue in the 'capital of the revolution', but what's next for Geneva II?

Syrian refugee crisis: where is Lebanon's tipping point?

Fri 7 Feb, AT 09:45 Venetia Rainey

As another 50,000 Syrians register in one month, Lebanese generosity is being stretched to the limit


Libyan chemical weapons 'safely destroyed' with US help

One-Minute Read Mon 3 Feb, AT 12:08

As efforts continue to neutralise Syria's chemical weapons, Gaddafi's stockpile has been eliminated

Refugee U-turn: PM outflanked by Ed Miliband and Farage

Wed 29 Jan, AT 10:46 The Mole

It’s one thing having Miliband stake out the moral high ground, quite another having Farage on your back

Hundreds of vulnerable Syrians to be given refuge in UK

One-Minute Read Wed 29 Jan, AT 09:30

Amnesty says move is 'long overdue' but polls suggest nearly half of voters are opposed

Ban Ki-moon

Leaders clash at Syria peace summit: what did they say?

Summary Wed 22 Jan, AT 15:55

Syrian government and opposition point fingers, as allies told they have 'blood on their hands'

Ban Ki-moon

Syria peace summit begins: can talks stop the bloody civil war?

Talking Point Wed 22 Jan, AT 09:32

Foreign ministers descend on Montreux despite 'near-zero' expectations of a political breakthrough

Geneva 2: torture photos put onus on humanitarian solution

Tue 21 Jan, AT 12:54 Venetia Rainey

Such cruelty is not confined to the regime's prisons: humanitarian goals must take centre stage at talks