Twiggy Garcia

Barman's Tony Blair 'arrest' earns him £2,222 bounty

One-Minute Read Thu 23 Jan, AT 08:45

Twiggy Garcia rewarded for his attempt to put ex-PM under citizen's arrest for war crimes

Syria 'killed and tortured' 11,000 detainees, say lawyers

First Reaction Tue 21 Jan, AT 10:00

Evidence of 'systemic killing' by government officials emerges day before start of peace talks

Syria: Iran invitation throws peace talks into 'disarray'

One-Minute Read Mon 20 Jan, AT 09:07

Syrian Opposition threatens to boycott talks after Ban Ki-Moon extends invitation to Tehran

West sends spies to Syria to counter jihadist threat

One-Minute Read Wed 15 Jan, AT 08:59

There's a 'schism' between those in West who want Assad gone and those who fear what replaces him

Syrians want jobs and a new chance - charity is not enough

Thu 19 Dec, AT 09:17 Venetia Rainey

In tiny Lebanon, one in five are Syrian refugees yet the whole of Europe has taken only 12,000

Abbas Khan: why did British doctor die in Syrian prison?

Briefing Wed 18 Dec, AT 10:48

Syrian regime accused of 'murder most foul' as doctor dies days before he was due to be released

Kidnap ransoms are 'fuelling terrorism', warns Foreign Office

One-Minute Read Fri 13 Dec, AT 10:07

Millions of dollars of ransoms said to be spent on weapons, travel and training camps for terrorists

Fortress Europe ‘miserably failing’ Syrian refugees

One-Minute Read Fri 13 Dec, AT 09:08

Amnesty urges EU leaders to open their borders as refugees face dangerous crossings and abuse

Syria conflict, 1,000 days on: a lost generation in the making

Mon 9 Dec, AT 09:15 Venetia Rainey

With food and medicine the priorities, fears grow for the Syrian children missing their education

Crispin Black

What can Britain do about the jihadists returning from Syria?

Fri 6 Dec, AT 10:45 Crispin Black

The last time hundreds of Brits went abroad to fight was in the Spanish Civil War. This is very different