Qadri Jamil: Syrian Vice President

Syria: regime admits stalemate and may call for a ceasefire

Talking Point Fri 20 Sep, AT 10:40

Deputy PM says neither side can win as Moscow paves way for Geneva Two talks

Syria gas attack confirmed: latest in history of atrocities

Briefing Tue 17 Sep, AT 10:05

UN confirms 21 August attack on Damascus was gas – and the 'most significant' use of chemical weapons since Saddam's day

William Hague

France, Britain and US to seek 'robust' UN Syria resolution

Briefing Mon 16 Sep, AT 11:57

Foreign ministers of three nations hold joint press conference in Paris as UN reads report

UN inspectors will blame Assad for chemical attack, says report

Summary Fri 13 Sep, AT 10:20

President Putin's claim that rebels launched attack to be dealt serious blow by UN report due on Monday

France wants 15-day limit on Syria arms handover

First Reaction Wed 11 Sep, AT 09:49

Tough UN resolution on chemical weapons sets an unrealistic deadline experts warn

Barack Obama brings out his patchwork quilt of a speech

Wed 11 Sep, AT 07:39 Annalisa Barbieri

A jarring hotchpotch of peace 'n' homestead talk and the threatening patterns of military camouflage

Syria agrees to Russian chemical weapons plan: what now?

Briefing Tue 10 Sep, AT 16:00

Assad regime agrees to hand over chemical weapons - just as Obama goes on TV to address the Syria crisis

Does Russia's chemical weapons plan give Obama a way out?

Talking Point Tue 10 Sep, AT 09:24

John Kerry's 'tactical error' may help his president avoid humiliating Congress defeat

Russia urges Assad to relinquish chemical weapons to deter US

Summary Mon 9 Sep, AT 16:31

Moscow tells Syria to put arsenals under international control as John Kerry continues to campaign for military strikes