Ban Ki-moon
22 Jan, 2014

Syrian government and opposition point fingers, as allies told they have 'blood on their hands'

Ban Ki-moon
22 Jan, 2014

Foreign ministers descend on Montreux despite 'near-zero' expectations of a political breakthrough

21 Jan, 2014

Such cruelty is not confined to the regime's prisons: humanitarian goals must take centre stage at talks

Twiggy Garcia
23 Jan, 2014

Twiggy Garcia rewarded for his attempt to put ex-PM under citizen's arrest for war crimes

21 Jan, 2014

Evidence of 'systemic killing' by government officials emerges day before start of peace talks

20 Jan, 2014

Syrian Opposition threatens to boycott talks after Ban Ki-Moon extends invitation to Tehran

15 Jan, 2014

There's a 'schism' between those in West who want Assad gone and those who fear what replaces him

19 Dec, 2013

In tiny Lebanon, one in five are Syrian refugees yet the whole of Europe has taken only 12,000

18 Dec, 2013

Syrian regime accused of 'murder most foul' as doctor dies days before he was due to be released

13 Dec, 2013

Millions of dollars of ransoms said to be spent on weapons, travel and training camps for terrorists