13 Dec, 2013

Millions of dollars of ransoms said to be spent on weapons, travel and training camps for terrorists

13 Dec, 2013

Amnesty urges EU leaders to open their borders as refugees face dangerous crossings and abuse

09 Dec, 2013

With food and medicine the priorities, fears grow for the Syrian children missing their education

Crispin Black
06 Dec, 2013

The last time hundreds of Brits went abroad to fight was in the Spanish Civil War. This is very different

29 Nov, 2013

Image appears to shows starving residents of Damascus butchering the animal for its meat

27 Nov, 2013

Ahead of Geneva II, a growing number of Lebanese Christians see Syria's leader as their best defence

18 Nov, 2013

A war video too far: rebels ask for forgiveness after mistakenly beheading of one of their own

Israeli Jet
01 Nov, 2013

Assault on SA-125 rockets in Latakia comes at bad time as Russia and US try to end bloody civil war

31 Oct, 2013

But the next step will be the hardest: destroying the chemicals in the midst of a civil war

22 Oct, 2013

With peace plan under threat, 'Friends of Syria' try to shore up rebel support in London