Syria crisis: Loss of vote 'devastating blow' to PM

First Reaction Fri 30 Aug, AT 07:16

US vows to make its own decision about attack on Assad regime after Commons defeat

Military action in Syria: what are MPs saying?

Summary Thu 29 Aug, AT 12:35

Politicians divided on whether intervention will prevent future chemical attacks or lead to 'absolute disaster'

Labour leader Ed Miliband

Syria crisis: PM's fury as Miliband withdraws support for attack

Thu 29 Aug, AT 09:54 The Mole

David Cameron 'damaged' by vote debacle as Labour leader scores rare political victory


The Syrian Electronic Army: Amateurs or Assad PR arm?

Briefing Thu 29 Aug, AT 09:48

A group of hackers supporting the Syrian government is targeting the western media

Syria crisis: PM accused of climbdown as intervention vote shelved

One-Minute Read Thu 29 Aug, AT 08:29

Opposition from Labour and his own MPs forces PM to delay vote on action until UN inspectors report back

Threat of Syria attack sends markets tumbling

One-Minute Read Wed 28 Aug, AT 12:39

Investors' fear of more Middle East turmoil sends oil prices soaring and hits Asian stocks hard

Ed Miliband

Syria: Ed Miliband can halt Cameron's attack 'stampede'

Wed 28 Aug, AT 11:58 The Mole

Tentative Labour leader wants a 'UN moment' before any military move but is highly unlikely to get it

Syria: should MPs support UK military intervention?

Talking Point Wed 28 Aug, AT 09:49

Editorials warn David Cameron to tread carefully ten years after Parliament voted for Iraq war

Syria: US assault 'ready to go' as PM recalls parliament

One-Minute Read Tue 27 Aug, AT 16:41

Rebels say US intervention may come 'within days' but Russia warns of 'catastrophic' result

Syria: Is Western military intervention inevitable?

Briefing Tue 27 Aug, AT 11:35

US and UK warships said to be on their way to Syria following alleged chemical attacks by Assad regime