Bashar al-Assad

Syria: US readies missile attack but Assad warns it will ‘fail'

Summary Mon 26 Aug, AT 09:00

US and UK ready cruise missile strike as UN inspectors finally allowed to visit site of chemical attack

Syria: 'Time runs out' for 'chemical attack' probe

Summary Fri 23 Aug, AT 09:37

As UN chief Ban Ki-Moon urges immediate inspection of site, experts warn evidence is already fading

Syria: Five reasons why Obama hasn't intervened

Summary Thu 22 Aug, AT 11:34

White House in a fix as the Assad regime appears to call its bluff over 'red line' warning

Syria gas attack: defence chief prepares 'scenarios' for action

Thu 22 Aug, AT 10:22 The Mole

Will Damascus prove to be a 'Srebrenica moment' when anti-interventionists realise it's time to act?

Syria gas attack: death toll at 1,400 worst since Halabja

First Reaction Thu 22 Aug, AT 09:18

Attack on Damascus could represent most significant use of chemical weapons since Saddam attacks Iraqi Kurds

Syria: hundreds feared dead in Damascus 'poison gas attack'

One-Minute Read Wed 21 Aug, AT 12:45

Victims were foaming at the nose and mouth and had difficulty breathing, says doctor

Samantha Cameron drove PM's 'hawkish' position on Syria

One-Minute Read Mon 15 Jul, AT 10:30

David Cameron's urge to arm rebels was prompted by wife's visit to victims of civil war

Robert Fox

Syria: why is Cameron so gung-ho when military says Stay Out?

Tue 18 Jun, AT 08:10 Robert Fox

However humane the cause for intervening against Bashar Assad may be, the old rules still hold