Downton Abbey: Greek TV under fire for cutting gay kiss

One-Minute Read Wed 17 Oct, AT 11:04

Opposition party describes move to cut footman Thomas's scene as 'extreme act of homophobia'

Richard Ehrman

Greece has done as it was told. Now will Germany finally budge?

Tue 19 Jun, AT 07:22 Richard Ehrman

Greece voted the 'correct' way, but unless Germany makes big concessions, the slow motion car crash will continue

Antonis Samaras of New Democracy, Greece

Greece seeks coalition as eurozone fears ease

First Reaction Mon 18 Jun, AT 16:05

New Democracy hopes to lead coalition but huge questions remain


London is in trauma, and the rain gods are punishing us

Shortlist Wed 13 Jun, AT 11:33

Opinion digest: London disruptions, Syriza's plans for Greece and renting in the UK

Spain’s soft bailout: ‘Us too,’ say Ireland and Greece

First Post Sun 10 Jun, AT 10:05

The renegotiation can-of-worms has been opened as Ireland demands same pain-free bailout terms as Spain

Eurozone 'Grexit' meeting

Eurozone 'wants Greece to stay' but countries plan for 'Grexit'

Summary Thu 24 May, AT 07:54

German central bank says a Greek exit would be manageable and eurozone countries are drawing up contingency plans

Richard Ehrman

Alexis Tsipras: only man talking sense on Greece and the euro

Tue 22 May, AT 07:50 Richard Ehrman

Leftist Greek leader has markets worried, but his call for Greece to be given a realistic way to stay in the euro is reasonable

Grexit: what happens if Greece leaves the euro?

Briefing Tue 15 May, AT 15:37

With new elections looming, here's what the experts predict if Greece exits the eurozone

Protest Spain austerity

Austerity retreats as refuseniks make gains across Europe

Summary Tue 8 May, AT 10:05

Established parties are feeling the heat as economies falter and voters react. Could Italy be next?