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Apple iPad Air 2 vs Nexus 9 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Best tablet 2015: iPad Air 2 vs Nexus 9 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Fri 13 Mar, AT 15:54

We pit Apple against Samsung and Google in our guide to the best tablets of 2015

New-look Nook HD aims to be 'home of digital magazines'

Talking Point
Fri 23 Nov, AT 15:34

New Barnes & Noble device just launched in UK 'matches up well' to Amazon's Kindle HD

Apple boss knocks Microsoft's Surface tablet – without using it

First Reaction
Fri 26 Oct, AT 13:53

Tim Cook calls it a confused product - but others love the 'sleek' device, if not its 'clumsy' software

'Overpriced' Apple iPad Mini a 'major step backwards'

First Reaction
Wed 24 Oct, AT 10:27

The new device is the equal of its rivals, so why is it so much more expensive?

Amazon Kindle Fire HD ignites Apple iPad tablet war

Talking Point
Fri 7 Sep, AT 15:08

Much-anticipated seven-inch tablets on their way to the UK for the first time

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Apple iPad cooler than Samsung Galaxy, says High Court judge

One-Minute Read
Tue 10 Jul, AT 10:05

Judge rules that Samsung Galaxy Tab does not look too similar to iPad because it is 'not as cool'

Apple hints at multiple-user iPad in leaked e-mail

One-Minute Read
Wed 9 May, AT 11:46

Days of one-user-only tablet may be numbered as Apple prepares to unveil iOS 6

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire undercuts iPad and burns Google

Thu 29 Sep, AT 12:06

Talking Point: Buy a Fire - as long as you don't mind Amazon knowing everything about you

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab gets pre-release raves

Tue 17 Aug, AT 12:36

Excitement grows as rumours suggest Samsung is about to unveil its riposte to the iPad