New-look Nook HD aims to be 'home of digital magazines'

Talking Point Fri 23 Nov, AT 15:34

New Barnes & Noble device just launched in UK 'matches up well' to Amazon's Kindle HD

Apple boss knocks Microsoft's Surface tablet – without using it

First Reaction Fri 26 Oct, AT 13:53

Tim Cook calls it a confused product - but others love the 'sleek' device, if not its 'clumsy' software

'Overpriced' Apple iPad Mini a 'major step backwards'

First Reaction Wed 24 Oct, AT 10:27

The new device is the equal of its rivals, so why is it so much more expensive?

Amazon Kindle Fire HD ignites Apple iPad tablet war

Talking Point Fri 7 Sep, AT 15:08

Much-anticipated seven-inch tablets on their way to the UK for the first time

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Apple iPad cooler than Samsung Galaxy, says High Court judge

One-Minute Read Tue 10 Jul, AT 10:05

Judge rules that Samsung Galaxy Tab does not look too similar to iPad because it is 'not as cool'

Apple hints at multiple-user iPad in leaked e-mail

One-Minute Read Wed 9 May, AT 11:46

Days of one-user-only tablet may be numbered as Apple prepares to unveil iOS 6

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire undercuts iPad and burns Google

News Thu 29 Sep, AT 12:06

Talking Point: Buy a Fire - as long as you don't mind Amazon knowing everything about you

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab gets pre-release raves

News Tue 17 Aug, AT 12:36

Excitement grows as rumours suggest Samsung is about to unveil its riposte to the iPad

Dell Streak

Dell Streak takes aim at Apple iPad and iPhone

News Wed 26 May, AT 17:06

Is Dell’s Android-based device an oversized smartphone or a mini iPad?