Afghanistan fighters
30 Jul, 2015

Confirmation of leader's death threatens peace process, as a power struggle intensifies within the Taliban

Taliban attack Afghan parliament
22 Jun, 2015

Fighters attempt to storm building as MPs prepare to confirm appointment of new defence minister

14 Jan, 2015

Fighting breaks out as former Guantanamo detainee sets up Islamic State network in Afghanistan

16 Dec, 2014

Taliban militants also killed, and Pakistani officials say the attack on a military school in Peshawar is over

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah at a rally in Kabul
08 Jul, 2014

Amid an electoral crisis in Afghanistan, the latest Taliban attack kills 16, including 4 Nato troops

Karachi Airport Taliban Attack
10 Jun, 2014

Flights have been suspended at Karachi Airport, where security forces came under fire again today

Smoke rising from Karachi airport
09 Jun, 2014

Taliban entered via cargo terminal and launched gun and bomb attack that lasted six hours

Taliban video showing Sgt Bowe Bergdahl being handed over to US forces
05 Jun, 2014

Pressure builds on Barack Obama as more rumours swirl about the motives of Bowe Bergdahl

Afghan commandos sit on their vehicle after a clash with Taliban fighters
30 May, 2014

Analysts say the Taliban is growing in strength as Nato forces begin their withdrawal

Afghanistan elections
24 Mar, 2014

As international troops begin to leave Afghanistan and violence continues, the world is watching this crucial vote