Islamic State clashes with Taliban as it seeks Afghan recruits

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Wed 14 Jan, AT 14:47

Fighting breaks out as former Guantanamo detainee sets up Islamic State network in Afghanistan

Pakistan school attack: at least 135 students and teachers dead

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Tue 16 Dec, AT 15:21

Taliban militants also killed, and Pakistani officials say the attack on a military school in Peshawar is over

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah at a rally in Kabul

Afghan election: dispute 'could provoke sectarian divide'

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Tue 8 Jul, AT 15:57

Amid an electoral crisis in Afghanistan, the latest Taliban attack kills 16, including 4 Nato troops

Karachi Airport Taliban Attack

Karachi Airport closed by new Taliban attack

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Tue 10 Jun, AT 12:58

Flights have been suspended at Karachi Airport, where security forces came under fire again today

Smoke rising from Karachi airport

Karachi Airport attack kills 28, including ten Taliban gunmen

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Mon 9 Jun, AT 10:28

Taliban entered via cargo terminal and launched gun and bomb attack that lasted six hours

Taliban video showing Sgt Bowe Bergdahl being handed over to US forces

Bowe Bergdahl: just a deserter, or did he try to join Taliban?

Thu 5 Jun, AT 12:13

Pressure builds on Barack Obama as more rumours swirl about the motives of Bowe Bergdahl

Afghan commandos sit on their vehicle after a clash with Taliban fighters

How will Afghan forces cope without Nato support?

Fri 30 May, AT 16:02

Analysts say the Taliban is growing in strength as Nato forces begin their withdrawal

Afghanistan elections

Why Afghanistan's elections are a critical test of peace

Mon 24 Mar, AT 15:08

As international troops begin to leave Afghanistan and violence continues, the world is watching this crucial vote

Pakistan peace talks with Taliban delayed amid doubt

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Tue 4 Feb, AT 11:00

Analysts sceptical that an agreement can be made following violence that has claimed 45,000 lives

Royal Marine who murdered Taliban is named by judges

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Thu 5 Dec, AT 12:31

Sergeant Alexander Wayne Blackman loses right to anonymity after conviction for 'cold-blooded' killing