Pakistan Taliban: stop praising Indian cricket legend Tendulkar

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Thu 28 Nov, AT 15:26

New leadership warns media to get behind Misbah ul-Haq, even though he is 'pathetic'

Maulana Fazlullah: who is new Pakistan Taliban leader?

Thu 7 Nov, AT 16:01

Hopes for peace talks dashed as ruthless Taliban commander who ordered Malala hit takes charge

240 prisoners escape in Taliban midnight attack on Pakistan jail

One-Minute Read
Tue 30 Jul, AT 08:24

Taliban militants free hundreds of their comrades after copycat assault on prison in Dera Ismail Khan

Crispin Black

Run up a white flag: We've surrendered to the Taliban

Thu 20 Jun, AT 12:28
Crispin Black

If we've decided to 'cut and run' by holding talks with Afghan insurgents, why not just cut and run now?

Afghanistan: Taliban kill 4 US soldiers before peace talks

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Wed 19 Jun, AT 09:32

Just hours after Washington said it would hold talks with insurgents, two rockets strike Bagram air base

Taliban's No.2 leader 'killed' by US drone strike in Pakistan

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Wed 29 May, AT 15:33

Days after Obama promises to curtail drone strikes, unmanned aircraft kill four militants

Afghan interpreters can live in UK to avoid Taliban revenge

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Wed 22 May, AT 08:57

Government climbdown gives 600 interpreters right to move, but what message does it send?

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Pakistan's Nawaz Sharif is right to oppose Obama's drones

Tue 14 May, AT 11:39
Crispin Black

A recent survey suggests that 75% of Pakistanis dislike the USA and it's mainly because of drones

Blood, sweat and polls: guide to Pakistan's general election

Thu 9 May, AT 15:28

Dozens have already died before polling stations open on Saturday. What’s at stake and who are the contenders?