Baitullah Mehsud; Pakistan; Taliban

Baitulla Mehsud escapes again

News Wed 24 Jun, AT 12:07

The Pakistani Taliban leader was the target of America's controversial drone attack, which killed 45 at a funeral yesterday

Swat valley refugees

Thousands join exodus from Pakistan’s Swat Valley

News Wed 6 May, AT 18:50

As Obama meets the presidents of Pakistan and Afghanistan, a potential humanitarian calamity is unfolding

The US is relying on an army of drones to fight the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Pakistan

News Fri 13 Mar, AT 13:09

America's Army of the Grand Robotic is taking centre stage in the War on Terror

Should the West be fighting in Afghanistan?

News Wed 25 Feb, AT 14:56

The arguments for and against military intervention in Afghanistan by Britain, America and their allies