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Baitullah Mehsud

Has Taliban leader been killed in Pakistan?

Fri 7 Aug, AT 11:25

The White House says Baitullah Mehsud, notorious Taliban leader, may have been killed in a missile attack

Rupert Thorneloe

Taliban kill senior British officer

Fri 3 Jul, AT 08:59

Lt Col Thorneloe is the first British commanding officer to be killed in action since Colonel 'H' Jones died in the Falklands

US Marines in Afghanistan

Huge US operation in Afghanistan

Thu 2 Jul, AT 08:23

4,000 newly deployed US Marines launch Operation Khanjar to flush out Taliban militants from Helmand River valley

Baitullah Mehsud; Pakistan; Taliban

Baitulla Mehsud escapes again

Wed 24 Jun, AT 12:07

The Pakistani Taliban leader was the target of America's controversial drone attack, which killed 45 at a funeral yesterday

Swat valley refugees

Thousands join exodus from Pakistan’s Swat Valley

Wed 6 May, AT 18:50

As Obama meets the presidents of Pakistan and Afghanistan, a potential humanitarian calamity is unfolding