Seventeen beheaded by Taliban for mixed-sex dancing

One-Minute Read Mon 27 Aug, AT 11:45

Afghans say mixed-sex party ended in killings by fundamental Islamist group

Crispin Black

Our boys in Afghanistan depict a suffering not a winning army

Tue 21 Aug, AT 07:59 Crispin Black

The bonds between two parents who lost their sons were the most touching aspect of this documentary

Child given an oral vaccine

Why is the WHO declaring a polio global health emergency?

Briefing Thu 24 May, AT 11:20

Briefing: Crippling disease is making a comeback – and the World Health Organisation wants money to wipe it out for good

Crispin Black

A smooth British retreat from Afghanistan would be a first

Wed 23 May, AT 15:59 Crispin Black

Retreat is the most difficult military operation to carry out - because there is no hope of victory

Kabul attack

West's Afghan policy in crisis after wave of Taliban attacks

First Reaction Sun 15 Apr, AT 16:53

Transition strategy branded 'ridiculous' by local politician after co-ordinated insurgent strikes