One-Minute Read
27 Aug, 2012

Afghans say mixed-sex party ended in killings by fundamental Islamist group

Crispin Black
21 Aug, 2012

The bonds between two parents who lost their sons were the most touching aspect of this documentary

Child given an oral vaccine
In Depth
24 May, 2012

Briefing: Crippling disease is making a comeback – and the World Health Organisation wants money to wipe it out for good

Crispin Black
23 May, 2012

Retreat is the most difficult military operation to carry out - because there is no hope of victory

Kabul attack
15 Apr, 2012

Transition strategy branded 'ridiculous' by local politician after co-ordinated insurgent strikes

30 Mar, 2012

He was once called the member for Baghdad East – he now risks being labeled the MP for Kabul East

Sgt Robert Bales
One-Minute Read
23 Mar, 2012

Mystery over rising death toll as Sgt Robert Bales looks set to fight Afghan murder charges