Afghanistan war

After six die in Afghanistan, should we stay - or quit early?

Talking Point Thu 8 Mar, AT 11:56

As the Taliban increases its influence, our reasons for sacrificing lives seem less clear

Crispin Black

The terrible truth about our wasted sacrifice in Afghanistan

Fri 3 Feb, AT 07:30 Crispin Black

The British Army's brave soldiers have failed in their only purpose - they don't win their wars


Taliban backed by Pakistan, leaked Nato report confirms

First Post Wed 1 Feb, AT 11:02

Decade of warfare wasted, says classified report: Taliban set to return once allied troops are gone

Marines - Taliban

Pentagon probes video of US Marines urinating on dead Taliban

Video Thu 12 Jan, AT 08:41

'Golden like a shower,' jokes Marine in 'egregious' video - but is it genuine?

Pakistan and the US: it's becoming deadly serious

Mon 28 Nov, AT 07:44 Robert Fox

Many Pakistanis believe Beijing should be their future protector – opening the way to a clash with India

Dead Taliban fighter in Kabul

Why the Taliban’s show of strength will continue

Wed 14 Sep, AT 08:55 Robert Fox

The Taliban want to show that Karzai’s regime will be incapable of protecting the Afghan people