British troops in Afghanistan
One-Minute Read
10 Aug, 2011

A British soldier has been accused of cutting off the fingers of enemy dead. If guilty, he wouldn't be the first

soldiers troops afghanistan moshtarak
One-Minute Read
21 Jul, 2011

Two men with British nationality are said to have been caught fighting against UK forces

General John Allen Afghanistan
One-Minute Read
18 Jul, 2011

New commander of Western forces knows he faces a tough task fighting Taliban as troops withdraw

Taliban; Afghanistan
20 Jun, 2011

Pakistan’s involvement with the Taliban and al-Qaeda makes peace far more complicated

James Blunt
One-Minute Read
23 Dec, 2010

‘Incompetent’ RAF left Blunt and Katherine Jenkins stranded for 15 hours

Taliban; Afghanistan
One-Minute Read
26 Nov, 2010

CIA, MI6 and Afghans pass the buck over fake Taliban chief who promised peace talks with Karzai

Medal of Honor
One-Minute Read
15 Oct, 2010

A short single player campaign and linear gameplay make for a frustrating virtual war experience