Taliban; Afghanistan
One-Minute Read
27 Jul, 2010

Taliban commander welcomes leak because it ‘proves US brutality in Afghanistan’

A Gurkha's kukri knife
One-Minute Read
19 Jul, 2010

Soldier used kukri knife to remove dead man’s head in order to prove identity

US Soldier and Afghan children
One-Minute Read
10 Jun, 2010

June is proving a deadly month in Afghanistan - for civilians and Nato troops

Site of a suicide car bomb attack in Kabul
One-Minute Read
19 May, 2010

US deaths in Afghanistan pass 1,000 landmark; British casualties double in a year

Opium poppies in Afghanistan
One-Minute Read
13 May, 2010

Afghan opium poppy farmers suspect the mystery blight might be the work of Nato forces

High security in Pakistan after the arrest of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar
19 Feb, 2010

Robert Fox: Why Pakistan’s notorious intelligence service could be up to its old tricks

soldiers troops afghanistan moshtarak
One-Minute Read
16 Feb, 2010

Military commander Mullah Baradar arrested in Karachi in joint US-Pakistani operation

US Marines train in Helmand
One-Minute Read
14 Feb, 2010

15,000 Nato and Afghan troops are taking on the Taliban in Helmand. Is it worth the risk?