Afghanistan poisoning

Taliban accused of gas attack on girls’ school

Thu 26 Aug, AT 09:34

Was it another Taliban attack – or is mass hysteria to blame?

Medal of Honor

Defence Secretary calls for ban on Taliban game

Mon 23 Aug, AT 16:58

But someone has got to ‘be’ the Taliban for the game to work, say its Californian makers

Pakistan floods, men carry aid

Fear of Taliban gaining hold among flood victims

Wed 18 Aug, AT 08:26

As floods return, authorities seek to downplay threat of Taliban using relief funds to gain support

Afghan woman in burka

Pregnant woman is flogged and shot dead by Taliban

Tue 10 Aug, AT 16:40

Execution and Karen Woo’s murder beg the question - what will happen when Nato leaves Afghanistan ?

Julian Assange Wikileaks

US army’s fault if Afghans are at risk, says Assange

Mon 2 Aug, AT 09:09

Wikileaks founder defends posting of military secrets as authorities pile on the pressure

Taliban; Afghanistan

Shame the leak didn’t come earlier, says Taliban

Tue 27 Jul, AT 08:38

Taliban commander welcomes leak because it ‘proves US brutality in Afghanistan’

A Gurkha's kukri knife

Gurkha in trouble for beheading dead Taliban

Mon 19 Jul, AT 11:20

Soldier used kukri knife to remove dead man’s head in order to prove identity