Medal of Honor

EA kills off Taliban after Medal of Honor row

News Mon 4 Oct, AT 12:12

EA rebrands Taliban as ‘Opposing Force’ in new Medal of Honor game

Nigerian soldiers in Bauchi

700 on the run after ‘Nigerian Taliban’ jailbreak

News Thu 9 Sep, AT 12:28

Manhunt for escaped prisoners who include some of the ‘Nigerian Taliban’

Kosuke Tsuneoka, the Japanese journalist held catpive by the Taliban

‘Taliban’ prisoner Tweeted via captor’s mobile phone

News Wed 8 Sep, AT 10:10

Japanese journalist held by Afghans for months used Twitter to reach supporters

Taliban election strategy: kill the candidates

Wed 1 Sep, AT 15:57 Robert Fox

As Obama acknowledges the ‘huge price’ paid in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan takes another ugly turn

Afghanistan poisoning

Taliban accused of gas attack on girls’ school

News Thu 26 Aug, AT 09:34

Was it another Taliban attack – or is mass hysteria to blame?

Medal of Honor

Defence Secretary calls for ban on Taliban game

News Mon 23 Aug, AT 16:58

But someone has got to ‘be’ the Taliban for the game to work, say its Californian makers