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Taliban; Afghanistan

Taliban impostor: should MI6 take all the blame?

Fri 26 Nov, AT 10:42

CIA, MI6 and Afghans pass the buck over fake Taliban chief who promised peace talks with Karzai

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor: What they're saying

Fri 15 Oct, AT 16:08

A short single player campaign and linear gameplay make for a frustrating virtual war experience

Prince Harry Taliban

C4 film shows Taliban capture of Prince Harry

Wed 6 Oct, AT 17:27

Andy McNab leads critics of ‘bad taste’ Channel 4 documentary

Medal of Honor

EA kills off Taliban after Medal of Honor row

Mon 4 Oct, AT 12:12

EA rebrands Taliban as ‘Opposing Force’ in new Medal of Honor game

Nigerian soldiers in Bauchi

700 on the run after ‘Nigerian Taliban’ jailbreak

Thu 9 Sep, AT 12:28

Manhunt for escaped prisoners who include some of the ‘Nigerian Taliban’