Tate Britain

Frank Auerbach: Mornington Crescent - Winter Morning 1989

Frank Auerbach Tate Britain – reviews of 'insightful' show

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Wed 27 Aug, AT 07:20

Lucian Freud's collection of his friend Auerbach's work is 'a significant national inheritance'

British Folk art bone ornament of a cockerel

British Folk Art – reviews of Tate Britain's 'ravishing' show

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Thu 12 Jun, AT 07:57

A delightful cabinet of curiosities from figureheads to quilts offers an alternative history of Britain

Phyllida Barlow – reviews of 'mad' Tate Britain Commission

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Wed 2 Apr, AT 07:36

Barlow's colossal, sprawling sculptures inspired by London's chaotic riverfront wow critics

Tate Britain rethinks LS Lowry in 'terrific and moving' show

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Wed 26 Jun, AT 07:41

Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life links 'matchstick men' painter to Pissarro and Van Gogh

Patrick Caulfield and Gary Hume side by side at Tate

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Thu 6 Jun, AT 07:05

Sixties still life painter Caulfield is 'quietly magnificent' but can YBA Gary Hume measure up?

Tate's Walk Through British Art is 'gloriously reactionary'

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Thu 16 May, AT 07:21

Tate Britain's chronological rehang in sumptuously redecorated galleries hailed as a triumph

Tate Britain salvages 'sublime' work of Kurt Schwitters

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Tue 5 Feb, AT 08:10

'Schwitters in Britain' reveals modernist's playful collages and his shabby treatment by the British

Elizabeth Price 'worthy winner' of the 2012 Turner Prize

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Tue 4 Dec, AT 09:42

Film about supermarket fire that killed ten people deserved to win contemporary art prize, say critics

Tate Britain’s Pre-Raphaelites: a garden of earthly delights

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Thu 13 Sep, AT 07:31

The Tate’s ambitious new show is a celebration of the brilliant, bonkers Victorian age